CCDSoft 5.2

CCDSoft is a Microsoft Windows-based CCD camera control, data reduction
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CCDSoft is a Microsoft Windows-based CCD camera control, data reduction, image processing and astronomical research application for amateur and professional astronomers. Additionally, CCDSoft integrates with TheSky6 Professional Edition for the ultimate in hands-on or automated telescope, CCD camera, and observatory device control (such as the SBIG AO-7, motorized focusers, filter wheels, and video cameras).
CCDSoft™ Image Processing and Camera Control Software provides control for CCD cameras, and performs image processing, data reduction, and scripted data acquisition. Think of it as “mission control center” for your observatory.
With built-in support for the complete line of SBIG cameras, and optional support for many other popular camera models, CCDSoft is the tool most used when capturing your favorite deep-space objects or hunting for undiscovered celestial treasures. CCDSoft's comprehensive manual and detailed help will guide you each step of your journey.
Standalone, CCDSoft is a powerful camera acquisition and image processing software. CCDSoft can be used (optionally) in concert with TheSky6 Professional Edition, providing an automated imaging system for telescope, CCD camera, focuser, adaptive optics and filter wheel control.
You’ll enjoy the benefits of integration and scripting to increase your observatory's productivity. CCDSoft contains many advanced features such as automated astrometric (call AutoAstrometry™), variable star and minor planet light curve generation, supernova detection and International Astronomical Union (IAU) minor planet report generation that use TheSky6 Pro as the planetarium and astronomical database "engine".

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